viernes, 23 de octubre de 2015

Nuestra semana en Primaria - 19 al 23 octubre 2015

1º de Primaria School Tour

This week first graders did a tour around our school. As we are learning about everything concerning one of our favourite places, it has been a pleasure to discover all the different spots we have in our building. We have seen all kinds of classrooms and we even had a look to the kitchen where the cooks were preparing our lunch!!

2º de Primaria
Libro Viajero

Esta semana en 2º de Primaria os queremos enseñar nuestro libro Viajero.

Nuestro libro Viajero consiste en escribir, entre todos los niños de 2º, un libro en el que nuestras mascotas Jimmy (delfín) y Ventosín (pulpo) viven aventuras por nuestro país.

Para llegar a crear este libro, cada semana, cuatro niños se convierten en escritores y crean un capítulo del libro. Después de escribir y de ilustrar el capítulo, nuestros alumnos nos lo leen y lo presentan en clase.

De momento nuestras mascotas ya ha visitado muchas zonas de España como Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Huesca ..... ¡¡Ya os iremos contando cómo van nuestras aventuras!!

3• de Primaria
The Digestive System

This week in 3rd grade we learned about the Digestiva system. We watched some videos and presentations about how it works. Our teachers had a fantastic idea so that we could review the things that we have learned about the Digestive system: We made a project!

We used clay or a recycled toilet roll to create the esophagus, a balloon for the stomach, yarn to make the small intestine and clay to create the large intestine and the anus. We had a lot of fun!

4º de Primaria
Spooky pop cakes

Halloween is getting closer... not only could we see it, but also we could smell it and taste it!! How is it possible? Thanks to our terrific chef Javier who prepared some delicious and spooky pop cakes in different shapes: Frankesteins, ghosts, eye balls, and mummies! And the best part is that you can watch the recipe and make it at home. Don’t get scared, prepare all the ingredients and the equipment, and follow Javier’s instructions. Enjoy!

5º de Primaria
1st CRC Harvest Food Contest

Esta semana hemos arrancado el "1st CRC Harvest Food Contest". Todos los días seis alumnos de 5º de Primaria presentarán, justificarán y darán a probar sus platos a un jurado muy exigente: los tutores.

Cada plato ha de pertenecer a una fiesta o celebración tradicional de la época de cosecha (Halloween, Acción de Gracias, Día de todos los Santos ... ).

La semana que viene será la gran final y el nivel de los platos está siendo muy alto. ¡Os contaremos, la semana que viene, quiénes son los finalistas y el gran vencedor del concurso!

6º de Primaria

In 6th grade we are working on the countries of Europe. We have to learn where each country is located and it is not always easy to remember it!

Al the end of the class we practicad it with a very fun app on the iPad called "Quiz Up". One student would come to the board and thanks to the help by the rest of the class he/ she answered the questions about Europe.

It was a lot of Fun!

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